Point of Controversy: Is art a job or a hobby?

Is art or a job or a hobby?

Below are some points that were brought up on the day of the convention.

Art comes in many forms and although it may sometimes go unnoticed would the public miss it when it's gone?

  • Looking at the wage that footballers earn, shouldn't artists be able to make a living?

    Artists provide entertainment and culture, is this so much less important to football? The world would be very boring without colour and creativity, would it not?

    With some artists needing a second job to get by, does this make it a hobby?

  • What qualifications should artists have?

    With some careers qualifications are required in order to be considered "Professional", are qualifications needed to be considered a "Professional" or "Good" artist? Is creativity and the ability to think outside the box all an Artist really needs?

  • Who decides who is a good artist and what is good art? How do they decide?

    Art is a form of expression!

    • As a new or budding artist at what point can you call yourself an artist?
    • Is it a decision you can make or should it be regulated? 
    • Is it about fans and approval from others? Or is it about your own satisfaction, opinions and freedom of speech?

Plenty to think about, what place do emerging artists have in today's society?

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