Crowds at Plymouth College of Art exhibition.

The Art Students' Convention 2017 is being held at Plymouth College of Art on Thursday 26th January.  It is being organised by the second year BA Hons Painting, Drawing and Printmaking student group.

At the centre of Plymouth's up and coming arts scene,  Plymouth College of Art is involved with many interesting arts education initiatives. TASC 2017 is aligned to a symposium running at Tate Modern  Switch House on the 23rd, 24th and 25th, entitled  "Power separates people from what they can do. What shall we do?" - this will directly feed into the day.

The overarching theme of TASC 2017 is Creative Education and the day will unfold dynamically from a structure which includes creative workshops, keynote speakers, provocation based discussion and question and answer sessions - all these will feed into each other.

Come to TASC 2017 - Get involved.  Have your say.

If you feel you would like to donate towards the cost of holding our event, of course we would appreciate it, and, thank you from all of us in the BA Hons Painting, Drawing and Printmaking  Year 2 group. 

Donate to help our cause!