Isha Bøhling update



Isha Bøhling is a British/Danish artist working in painting, sculpture, sound, curating, music and singing songs that she writes and performs herself. Brought up in Cornwall and Copenhagen she is currently based in London and has shown extensively, nationally and internationally.

Isha Bøhling was selected for The Whitechapel Open 2015 in London. Exhibited in Kunstraum Baden, Switzerland and Dilston Grove, London in 2015. Shortlisted for the East London Painting Prize 2014. and nominated for the artist residency at the Getty Foundation, Siena Arts Institute, Italy in 2012. She represented the UK at the Gongju Biennial, South Korea. (2006) Bøhling has exhibited in ‘Transit’ at The Recoleta museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina and ‘Mars Now’ Rua Sympatica, Sau Paulo, Brazil. Other recent London shows include ‘Systems and Patterns’ The Whitechapel Gallery, ‘Crash Open’ Charlie Dutton Gallery, selected by Matthew Collings, and ‘Dig Down in Time’, Man and Eve Gallery. ‘Please write’ Posted, London and ‘Souvenirs’ at Angus Hughes London.
US shows include ‘Twin Twin’ at Pierogi Gallery, New York and ‘8x8x8’ at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis. Bemis Centre of Contemporary Arts, Omaha NE. Juried shows of note include the Hunter Museum, Tennesse USA and The Sioux City Art Museum. USA.
Bøhling has also been a finalist in the John Moores 23 Painting Prize. Artsway 05 and the Red Mansion Prize. She was also short-listed for the Observer Student Prize in 2002.

Bøhling graduated from an MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London in 2002. Bøhling has lectured and taught extensively including: The Getty Foundation Siena Arts institute, Italy. Bemis centre for contemporary arts, Omaha NE, USA. West Kent College, St Martins, London College of Communication and Camberwell, UAL London.

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Dom Jinks

We are pleased to announce that Dom Jinks will be joining the list of keynote speakers at our TASC 2017 event.  Dom has brought a wealth of cultural development experience to his role as director at Plymouth Culture.


Rhizome holds a unique place in creative education, and in it’s session the team  will discuss it’s role as an environment where graduates can develop the beginnings of their future careers, and the support it provides, not only to graduates but to the whole continuum of creative education, from schoolchildren to the elderly.  The session will be of relevance to those engaged in education or with an interest in creative activity.

Provocations part 2 !

These provocations are likely to be discussed and debated – come and get involved!  26th of January at TASC 2017 on the fourth floor of the college.

  • Art is a hobby, not a PROPER job!
  • Artists and art lovers deflect from the real issues.
  • Art materials should be provided by the NHS
  • If art is good for the soul why do we hear about so many depressed artists?
  • Creative and non creative individuals have no need to gather together.

Provocations so far…

Here are a few of the provocations to get things rolling…

  • Art / Creative Education is being taken over by lazy people who want to do something easy.
  • Art is not important in society; we need Doctors not Painters.
  • Youth mental health issues are caused by a lack of creative opportunities in education.
  • Why paint when you can just take a picture ?
  • Why should I have to pay for art ?
  • Why is Plymouth College of Art producing better Artists than Plymouth University?